Welcome to the Volunteer Shift Selection page!

Before you begin, please read all of the information below.


Step 1
  • Select your volunteer shifts below.

  • Your membership status, prerequisites and minimum hours will be verified.

  • You will be emailed the Volunteer Code to use during registration.
Step 2
  • Register for the 3-Day Expo Volunteer Badge. Link and Instructions will be emailed to you.
Step 3
  • Work your volunteer shifts at Expo and/or Re:co Symposium.
* If you have completed the SCAA Instructor Development Program and would like to Station Instruct at Expo, begin the application process here.


Anyone attending the show may volunteer for a shift. Attendees can earn a complimentary 3-Day Expo Volunteer Badge ** if they work the minimum number of volunteer hours during Expo and/or Re:co Symposium:

  • Association Members: 10 hours if sign-up & register on or before February 23rd.

  • Association Members: 15 hours if sign-up & register after February 23rd.

  • Volunteers who are not members of the association must commit to a minimum of 20 hours.

** There is a $5 volunteer admin fee associated with the 3-Day Expo Volunteer Badge.


  • In order to match your Expo registration with your volunteer shifts, you will need to use your scaa.org login email for volunteer shift selection and for Expo badge registration. If you don't have a scaa.org login email, please create one before you begin.

  • Only select the shifts needed to meet your minimum number of hours required. Once you select a shift it comes out of inventory and will not be available for others to choose. And, we are counting on you to fulfill your volunteer commitment for the shifts you select.

  • Some positions require prerequisites (listed in the description). Only select the position(s) if you have the prerequisite.

  • BGA Level 1 certifications will be verified. Check your SCAA profile before selecting these shifts. If your profile doesn't show the certification you will be removed from the shift.

  • The times listed are the actual times of the volunteer commitment.

  • Volunteer shifts may not be shared by more than one volunteer. We expect the volunteer shifts you select will be worked by you.

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Sorry, there are not any shifts available online at this time.